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Profits Analytics Pte Ltd provides Virtual Bookkeeping Services. The concept was to provide the skill sets of experienced bookkeeping department to the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) sector, allowing smaller organisations to benefit from full-fledged bookkeeping department without incurring the full expense and hassle of hiring and managing a full accounts department.
Bookkeeping packages catered for SME from those looking for basic routine compliance requirements for ACRA and IRAS tax filing to high growth companies looking to review their financial health monthly for future projections and shareholders accountability.
If you have experienced hiring bookkeeper who charges you time based bookeeping services and got a bill shock when you get handed the invoice after the work is done, this is NOT what you will get from us.
Simply because this is not a win-win proposition as the longer they take to do your work, the more they will get paid and the longer you will need to wait to get to know your company financial position so this is a very one sided they always win before you.
We always strive to let you win by firstly helping you solve your bookkeeping needs based on what your company is at and need and at a fair price (you win then we win first) so we always agreed on the job scope in advance so you know what to expect.
Whole working career dedicated in the accounting industry since 2012, reviewed easily hundreds of accounts during this time but have to leave the company I work for to start my own because I feel  ]that other then basic routine compliance work, there is more I can value add and provide to help business owners to grow and improve their business so they can make more profits in their business without sacrificing time off from their family.