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A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of SGX Mainboard Listed, APAC Realty Ltd. ERA Singapore has redefined industry standards for real estate concepts, technology, initiatives, and products since its inception in 1982. We are the largest international real estate agency in Singapore, with the proud reputation as the preferred real estate brand in Singapore. ERA Singapore is synonymous with providing innovative breakthrough products and services which cater to our clients’ every need.
I help you build your real estate portfolio instead of having you sell your properties. Having been an investor for more than a decade, I have found that approach to be more fruitful in the long run. Such is the value I offer my clients: first hand experience in achieving infinite returns on investment through real estate. 
You can rely on me to give an honest opinion about the situation at hand. Integrity has always been a key factor in all my dealings, which has earned me the trust and friendship of many clients. I practice total transparency, helping you understand the ups and downs of investing on a specific property. It has never been my style to push clients into something that they are not confident or comfortable with. At the end of the day, my goal is to help you achieve financial success.

I aspire to be your real estate partner, building together your portfolio of properties. In all my years in the industry, I have helped many people get impressive ROI by identifying lucrative opportunities. Aside from starting a portfolio from scratch, I also specialize in restructuring, whereby we cash out from your existing properties and buy into areas with high growth potentials.

Integrity is essential for everything successful in the long term. I strive to build a long term relationship with my clients.

My Position: Senior Marketing Director
My Experience: 9 years

Some of my more recent achievements include:

2016 – ERA Homes Of The Elites (Overall Year 2016)

2016 – ERA Homes Of The Elites (Q1, Q2, Q3 2016)

2016 – ERA Homes Of The Elites (Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct, Nov 2016)

2015 – ERA Homes Of The Elites (Overall Year 2015)

2015 – ERA Multi-million Dollar Producer

2015 – ERA Homes of The Elites Q3

2014 – HSR Top 30 Achievers Jan

2013 – HSR Multi-million Dollar Producer

2013 – HSR Top 300 Achievers

2012 – HSR Top 200 Achievers

2012 – HSR Top 30 Achievers May

2011 – HSR Top 300 Achievers

2011 – HSR Top 30 Achievers Apr

2011 – HSR Top 30 Achievers Nov

2010 – SAEA CES Exam Top Candidate Ap

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