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Josaphin Toh - Real Estate (Commercial)

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I’m Josaphin from SRI Ptd Ltd. 

I am a professional in Singapore real estate, and I can help you to choose the “right” property in Singapore – whether you are an experienced investor, a first time buyer or a foreigner looking to move into Singapore.

My services cover you through the whole process – finding the property, negotiating the best price, making an offer and closing the deal. I am here to help you in everything to make

Commercial and Industrial real estate has been one of the very interesting segments for me to penetrate within.

It is essential to understand the various categories from offices, retail shops, shophouses , commercial schools, entertainment clubs, light industrial, heavy industrial factories, and many others. as this allows me to share the experiences and help business owners to negotiate and match the right space for their business operations, help landlords match the right tenants, and help investors select best choices for their investment in commercial or industrial properties.

Having clients’ best interest is of priority to me and I value ethics and integrity in my practice. The aspects range from leasing, buying, selling and assignment/ novation.

For discussion and embarking in the journey of commercial and industrial properties, I can be reached @ 9727 7774 /

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