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Core Invest Institute aspires to be a vital community to provide essential investment and financial education using analytic tools and proven investment strategies to equip current and future-ready investors.

Our singular focus on talent will be the cornerstone of a truly great global financial institution that is dedicated to quality education to enable our community to learn, practice, invest and maximize their returns.

We believe in simplifying the teaching of step-by-step intensive yet comprehensive practical concepts and strategies, which our community can invest …. smart and safe in the stock and option markets.

We Provide Short Education Programs

1. Core Power Investor Workshop

When individuals believe and invest together, we create synergies

2. Core Corporate Investor Workshop

Motivation increases productivity, productivity impacts profits

3. Core Junior Investor Workshop

Power improves children’s decision making, goal setting and learning about  the values of money

Our Core Invest foundation

1. Fundamental Analysis

User spends less than 15 minutes to research for good companies to invest in

2. Technical Analysis

User spends less than 15 minutes to identify entries and exits, and place their trades safely

3. Options Investment Strategy

User spends less than 15 minutes to apply option strategies to earn safely and get minimum 2-6% returns per month

Jeremy Tan, CEO & Trainer


  • Founder & CEO of Core Invest Institute (CII) Asia
  • Author of upcoming book, “The Core Investor”
  • Author of upcoming book, “Don’t Be Jealous, Be Hungry”
  • International Coach and Speaker for Investment Strategies
  • Ex-Token Fund Investment Manager
  • Co-Founder of Legends Of Investing Mobile Application that researches and valuate US/HK/SG companies in less than 15 mins
  • Co-Creator of the Risk Reduction Option Strategy
  • Co-Founder & CFO of Brich Global


  • Degree In Accounting & Finance (Honors)
  • Fundamental, Technical & Option Strategy Trainer & Investment Coach; manages an investment portfolio with 20% return on investment
  • Recipient of the Claritas Investment Certificate from the CFA Institute and the M5, M9 Certificate from the Singapore College of Insurance
  • 8 years of expertise in Stocks and Options Investment
  • 5 years of experience in Fund Management

Contact Jeremy: +65 8488 6463