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BNI Ultimate

A friendly professional business network for you to grow your business. 

We meet every Friday, 0730 @ Poke theory, 7 Fraser Street, Singapore 189356. Connect with us to find out more!

Core Values

1. Philosophy of Givers Gain
2. Building Business through Meaningful Relationships
3. Training & Education
4. Traditions + Innovation = Success (T+I = S)
5. Positive Attitude

Code of Ethics

  1. I will provide the quality of service at the prices that I have quoted.
  2. I will be truthful with the members and their referrals.
  3. I will build goodwill and trust among members and their referrals.
  4. I will take responsibility for following up on the referrals I receive.
  5. I will display a positive and supportive attitude.
  6. I will live up to the ethical standards of my profession.

Policies are the guidelines that govern the members and the chapters.


Visibility + Credibility = Profitability (VCP) is the process of how members build trust and gain referrals

Member Success Program (MSP) training sets members on the right track of success

Advanced Trainings help members master the main elements of the BNI structure.

The challenge with this way of thinking is that BNI is not something you do, it is a way of life, BNI is a journey you embark on.

Success Roadmap

Success here is not only a destination, it is an experience members enjoy throughout their journey in BNI.

The BNI Ultimate Success Roadmap is easy yet profound. Its essence is the Givers Gain philosophy, built on the code of ethics, it incorporates all of BNI’s core values, and uses the learning from resources like the Official BNI Podcast and Success Net. It’s also color coded according to the traffic lights system with the levels beyond green colored in gold.

It is made up of four simple steps: GROW Team, GIVE Dream, GAIN Dream, GREAT Follow Up

It is simple yet profound and deep, you can easily apply it to your business and life.

GROW your Team, by getting great people to join, retaining great members, owning your own greatness as a leader, and working to leave a great legacy.

GIVE Dream referrals by learning from the members of your team what is a great or dream referral for them, how to seek a dream referral and how to give them a dream referral.

GAIN Dream Referrals by building your good will and credibility among the team, being specific with your ask and learning how best to receive the referrals.

GREAT Follow Up, by giving a live testimonial, reporting back to your referral source, delivering with excellence, asking for feedback and growing your trust account through testimonials.

With the BNI Ultimate Success Roadmap members of all levels and positions can experience success and help their fellow members experience more and more success throughout their BNI journey.

Applications of the BNI Ultimate Success Roadmap:

1. Individual member journey
2. Enriching 1-2-1s with members, visitors and clients
3. Education slots
4. Mentoring new members
5. Coaching low performing members
6. Leadership team to grow the chapter and enhance it’s performance
7. RDC to work with LT and individual members
8. Business to grow and thrive
9. Life to be more meaningful

What BNI Ultimate Success Roadmap is not:

1. Not a replacement to any of the BNI structures, systems, policies, programs or tools. Each of the BNI structures, systems, policies, programs and tools has a clear purpose, a specific function, and a defined goal that the BNI Ultimate Success Roadmap will support fully and work with seamlessly.

2. Not a temporary program, as long as the member wants to experience a journey of success, the roadmap is the ultimate guide.

3. Not a new and shiny object. It is all inspired by BNI and has BNI at its core.

By using the BNI Ultimate Success Roadmap you will:

1. Become more successful
2. Have clear direction and focus
3. Make better decisions, faster
4. Build meaningful relationships
5. Enjoy more work life balance
6. Lead your team to success
7. Grow successful leaders around you
8. Grow your business faster

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